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The Alpha Academy is an established and professional learning institute.


The Alpha Academy was officially established in 2015 with the goal to create a Centre dedicated to achieving excellence.

At The Alpha Academy, we focus on self-esteem, self-confidence, and the learner as an individual. We have been able to achieve this successfully ever since. By striving to bring greatness out in each learner as an individual, we endeavor to inspire learners. Our passion for teaching drives us to inspire and empower youth, and help them realize the power they hold.

Our Centre is dedicated to providing the help that each learner needs. We are able to target weak areas and build a strong foundation to provide support for every subject. We build a relationship with every learner, allowing us to understand what the learner requires aside from that which is stated and apparent. 

The Alpha team is robust and flexible and together we have grown. We have built what Alpha is known for , what Alpha is and what Alpha means 'to lead'.

The Alpha Academy is a unique Centre aimed at providing quality tuition for all learners and is focused on enhancing and enriching the lives of our learners.. Alpha offers all subjects for all grades applicable to the CAPS syllabus.

We pride ourselves on individual attention and make certain to adjust teaching methods to the way you learn best. With specialized and experienced educators, we are able to provide unique, personal and progressive tuition to meet your needs. We have pioneered and innovated distinct skills and methods to best suit and assist our Alphas.

We firmly believe in our slogan - Learn to lead. We strive to create individuals that can aspire to be our future leaders.

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