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What is a Double Chance bet? 8 Tips for Mastering Double Chance Betting!

Perhaps many people are unfamiliar with what a Double Chance bet is in football betting and how to play it.

It's actually quite simple, so don't overlook this betting method.

Let's dive deeper into this football tips forebet of bet with Wintips.

Understanding what Double Chance bet means:

A Double Chance bet, also known as a Double Chance, involves betting on 2 out of 3 possible outcomes, such as win, lose, or draw simultaneously, and if any one of them is correct, you will receive a payout.

With this football betting format, if calculated correctly, you can win against the bookmakers up to 90% of the time and potentially win with the highest odds.

According to the rules, this bet is only valid for the official 90 minutes of play, and most bookmakers include Double Chance in their betting options.

You can easily choose this Double Chance bet by predicting for either the home team or the away team. Depending on your selection, the odds you receive will vary.

According to experienced bettors, this bet is suitable for beginners. With 3 possible outcomes - win, lose, or draw - choosing 2 gives us nearly a 70% chance of winning.

If you are learning about this type of bet or aspiring to become a professional bettor, be sure not to overlook the guidance in this article.

Sharing effective strategies for playing Double Chance:

As mentioned earlier, Double Chance bets do not include extra time or penalty shootouts.

However, remember that bookmakers still consider stoppage time in each half or throughout the match.

On the bookmaker's board, you will easily spot Double Chance bets with the symbols 1×2. Their exact meanings are:

1x: You win if the home team wins or draws.

2x: It means the away team wins or draws.

12: If the away team wins, choosing this bet will result in a payout.

Note: In neutral venues, the team listed first is considered the home team, and we base our bets on that.

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How to calculate the double chance bet accurately

With three betting options, calculating the winnings in football betting is relatively straightforward. You only need to select two outcomes that you feel most confident about and wait for the final result. If one of your chosen outcomes matches the actual result, you'll receive a reward.

Selecting the 1x bet and the home team winning:

Winnings = 1 / (1 / Odds 1 + 1 / Odds 2)

If you choose the 12 bet and win, the amount received will be:

Winnings = 1 / (1 / Odds 1 + 1 / Odds 2)

If you lose, the Loss = Initial Bet.

So, what we need to do now is to analyze the odds, make accurate selections, and wait for the highest rewarding outcome.

In reality, online betting platforms automatically reward, so the accuracy can be considered absolute.

Tips for winning with double chance bets

From the instructions above, you can see that this type of betting is relatively easy to play and understand. However, does that mean everyone will win?

Don't be mistaken; you might fall into the bookmakers' trap and end up losing your money with such thinking. Let's explore some strategies to avoid losing in football betting from experienced players.

Firstly, choose teams with a clear gap in skill level to predict the favored side. Although football has many surprises, more than 70% of the time, the stronger team wins.

Secondly, always pay attention to external information such as match-fixing rumors, player fitness, playing style, etc. All of these factors support the most accurate analysis of your bet.

Thirdly, avoid impulsive decisions, as 99.9% of the time, they lead to mistakes. Playing recklessly might win you a game but will likely make you lose everything in the long run.

Fourthly, avoid selecting intense matches as they're difficult to predict. For direct elimination matches or crucial encounters, consider betting on the underdogs who are in good form.

Fifthly, since double chance bets are running bets, if you have a different analysis from your initial one, consider adjusting your bets by laying off football bets.

Sixthly, it's advisable to choose familiar teams as you can thoroughly analyze related information and make more accurate assessments.

Seventhly, you should combine double chance bets with other betting options like dominating wins or exact score predictions if you have a good analysis of the game.

Lastly, make sure to choose reputable bookmakers to avoid unclear bets, cancellations, or lack of security. Besides, reputable bookmakers create a more comfortable environment for players and increase the chances of winning.


Hopefully, these insights will help you understand betting tips 1x2 app what double chance bets are and provide you with better options for each game.

Wintips will always be here to support everyone and bridge the gap between experienced players and beginners, ensuring luck for all every day.


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